All rooms and the surroundings are covered by free wireless internet.


Casa Cicale was built in a carefully chosen area of 6000 m2 in an uphill landscape that ensures extraordinary view. Taking advantage of this we created an unobstructed view of the sea, the greenery and further away the wonderful Spetses island.

Designers paid special attention to the aesthetic of the outdoor establishments, their functionality and the materials quality. You can choose between an open space of colored tiles and grass with self-serviced bar, BBQ, benches and fountain or the north-east side of the unit where you can find a multi-level establishment with sitting areas, wooden kiosk and bar. The architectural composition in the details of manufactures in paved with slabs, in construction of Stone, in the choice of decorative elements shows our intention to express in each corner a warm and attractive sense of hospitality, opposite from the one that we know in the installations of classic hotels.